For Individuals
In my practice I work with a range of issues, including self-esteem and self-acceptance, depression, anxiety, anger, feelings of isolation or being different, difficulty in relationships with loved ones, colleagues or even strangers (e.g. road rage). I also help people with career exploration and transition, creativity, sexuality, identity, communication and loss. For some, repeated unsuccessful efforts to change may compound these difficulties by self-criticism and impatience with feeling bad.

Often, our symptoms are signals that something is amiss, and therefore listening to our symptoms, such as depression or addiction, can help lead us to the source of our difficulties. We naturally want to avoid pain but in avoiding the inevitable difficulties of life we avoid engaging directly with what, in part, gives life its flavor, depth and meaning. Therapy provides a supportive, warm place to engage with these events and experiences, so you can integrate and learn from them rather than live in fear or avoidance of them. It provides a unique and effective venue for looking at and experiencing our struggles differently, away from the concerns and scrutiny of others. Through our therapeutic relationship, which questions self-judgment and encourages curiosity and openness, we naturally change and move towards who we truly are.

For Couples
Intimate relationships are one of life's richest pleasures but also present us with some of our greatest challenges. I work with couples in all stages of relationships to learn better how to communicate about and through our differences, with the goals of greater mutual understanding, respect and appreciation. We also will address your particular difficulties which may include relationship transitions (moving in together, contemplating ending the relationship or deepening your commitment, having children, or career changes), sex, money, trust (including rebuilding trust), extended family conflicts, or unsatisfying frustrating patterns.

Some couples also seek counseling not because they're in trouble but because they sense there could be more from their lives together—such as more passion, spontaneity, creativity, and intimacy—and this can be a tremendously rewarding enterprise.